GR Engineering Services, Inc (US)

Hanlon Engineering & Associates, Inc. (HEA) was founded in Tucson Arizona in 1999 to provide multi-disciplinary EPCM services on mining, industrial, manufacturing, corporate and commercial projects throughout the USA and the Americas.  

Over the following 20 years, HEA’s success was built on the fundamental model of a full-service, in-house, multi-disciplinary Engineering and Management Firm. In excess of 1,500 projects were completed with an estimated constructed value over $1B with a track record for delivering solutions for clients on schedule and budget.

After the purchase by GRES in January 2020, a program was initiated to build on that solid foundation and to evolve towards the GRES business model and systems.  In March 2024, key milestones in that journey were reached with a change in head office location, still within Tucson, and the change of company name and branding to match the parent company.

GRES (USA) continues to serve new and long-standing clients throughout the USA and the Americas and continues evolving to become a seamless part of the overall GRES organization in order to deliver the same quality of service to clients globally.


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