Human Resources

GR Engineering Services Limited (GRES) is founded on a strong belief in our core values. These values drive us to constantly improve our working environment, with a focus on supporting the development and careers of our people. We are therefore committed to developing policies, standards and procedures that recognise the integral role that our people play in the success of the business.

GRES aims to:

  • Work towards achieving a culture across the organisation that encourages people to contribute to the best of their ability and be recognised for their contribution;
  • Apply policies, standards and procedures in a fair and equitable manner regardless of position in the organisation;
  • Ensure the appropriate policy and support mechanisms are in place to promote a work environment that is free from harassment and discrimination;
  • Provide training and development that fulfils the strategic direction of GRES and the development needs of our people;
  • Encourage our people to achieve their career goals within GRES;
  • Ensure the appropriate mechanisms are in place for dealing with grievances in a timely and fair manner;
  • Ensure the GRES policies, procedures and standards are communicated to our people to encourage compliance at all levels;
  • At all times ensure that the human resources function operates in compliance with the relevant legislation.

Download a copy of our Human Resources Policy below: Human Resources Policy