A key factor in GR Engineering’s success has been its ability to attract, recruit and retain high quality personnel.

The Company employs over 190 professional, technical, managerial, supervisory and support personnel, including process design, civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation engineers, design draft persons and project and construction management and supervision staff. In addition, the Company directly employs site construction personnel and subcontractors.

GR Engineering’s key personnel each have over 25 years industry experience in design, project delivery, operations management and implementation. Many of GR Engineering’s personnel have previously worked together in project teams to deliver successful feasibility studies and projects in the mining and minerals processing industries.

GR Engineering is founded on a strong belief in its core values. These core values drive its people and underpin the Company’s corporate goals of providing clients with superior service, establishing safe and effective working relationships as well as respect for the culture, diversity and values of others.

GR Engineering's Core Values

  • Our clients are our focus
  • A commitment to innovation and quality
  • Our people are our most significant assets
  • Provision of a safe and healthy working environment
  • We will always act with honesty and integrity
  • Respect for the community and the environment
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