GR Engineering is committed to the principles of occupational health and safety in relation to the welfare of its personnel.  We seek continuous performance improvement in these areas through innovation and education. We are committed to the target of "zero" injuries.

Corporate and project safety management systems provide the framework for the identification, management and mitigation of hazards. On each project, GR Engineering prepares and implements detailed health and safety management plans by working with all parties to ensure a safe working environment. These plans provide for continuous safety monitoring as well as reviews at key points in project execution.


GRESafe is GR Engineering's Safety Programme.

Its number one goal is for all GR Engineering employees, contractors, clients and stakeholders to return home safely. GRESafe outlines the basic safety requirements that will be adopted by GR Engineering at all levels, incorporating policies, standards, procedures and workflows in order to complete work in a safe manner such that we continue our efforts to achieve a sustainable injury free working environment.  

GRESafe is based on our Core Values and Critical Rules with the objective of positively contributing to our strong safety culture and performance. GRESafe asks our people to proactively think about safety before proceeding with any task, complementary to our Core Values that ask us to consider People, Community, Safety, Environment, Honesty, Integrity, Innovation and Quality.

The GRESafe programme has been developed to emphasise to all personnel who work and/or interact with GR Engineering that Safety is to be approached from both a proactive and responsible perspective and everyone is ultimately responsible. “Safety is our first priority and all GR Engineering employees and contractors must OWN IT”.  We are committed to achieving a sustainable injury free working environment, with individuals taking responsibility for their personal safety and the safety of their workmates - a 360 degree approach.  This is essential to how we undertake our day-to-day work activities and how our combined actions impact our workforce, our families and the general community.

GR Engineering will actively support and implement any specific client based HSEQ programmes which encourage and reward safe workplace behaviour in conjunction with our GRESafe Programme.

GRESafe, Safety is Our First Priority Own It

LTI Free Days

GR Engineering is proud to participate in the Safety for Starlight programme that rewards safe workplace culture and celebrates the importance of incident free safety in our offices and work sites.

GR Engineering has aligned fundraising to the success of achieving safety business objectives by committing a daily donation to the Starlight Children's Foundation per Lost Time Injury (LTI) free day achieved in accordance with our safety policies.

Our combined efforts have now presented the Starlight Children's Foundation with significant donations and we continue to encourage all our personnel to be committed to working safely.