Fitness for Work

GR Engineering Services Limited (GRES) is committed to creating a safe and healthy workplace in which all personnel and contractors use their best endeavours to ensure they are fit to perform their duties without risk to the safety and health of themselves and others.

The objective of this policy is to provide and promote a safe workplace by:

  • Providing guidelines and systems of work to comply with this policy;
  • Maintain an awareness of fitness for work responsibilities amongst all site personnel;
  • Minimise the adverse effects of fatigue, work environment and excessive hours;
  • Monitor compliance and enforcement of this policy and supporting procedures, including drug and alcohol testing;
  • Prevention of the inappropriate behaviour and harm that can be caused by alcohol and other drugs at work.

Managers, employees and contractors are responsible within their level of control to ensure our workforce adhere to the fitness for work policy and its procedures.

All personnel are required to take care of their own safety and health and that of other personnel that may be affected by their actions.

It is the responsibility and a condition of site access for all personnel to adhere to this policy.  

Download a copy of our Fitness of Work Policy below: Fitness For Work Policy