Progress continues of the Forrestania Cosmic Boy Nickel Concentrator

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Design and construction of the Forrestania Cosmic Boy Concentrator has passed the halfway mark.

GRES has completed the design for the concentrator involving developing the process flow sheets and utilising in-house 3D modelling to complete all structural, mechanical, piping and electrical design. The aggressive nature of the project schedule, 52 weeks from commencement of design to commissioning of the concentrator, has required GRES to adopt a fast track design and construction management strategy.

Procurement of all major items of equipment and materials has been completed, sourcing items from all states of Australia and overseas.  Recently the 40 plate filter press was shipped from Japan representing a procurement milestone for the project.

GRES commenced site works on the concentrator site in April 2008 utilising their own construction workforce.  To date, all work has been completed without any significant safety incidents occurring on the site.  Construction is now at a stage where all civil works have been completed, steel erection is well progressed in the major areas of the plant and piping and electrical trades have commenced.  The SAG mill was lifted onto its foundation in early October 2008 after being transported into the site utilising specialised heavy haulage equipment and heavy lift equipment. 

The project remains on schedule for completion during the first quarter of 2009 and emphasizes GRES’ ability to complete remote area projects involving complex processing plants to provide clients with cost effective solutions to their processing requirements.

Filter press  View from mill camera  SAG mill lift

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