GR Engineering Services appointed as prime contractor to construct the Roseby Copper Project process plant and infrastructure

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GR Engineering Services (GRES) was provided with a Conditional Letter of Intent on 4 July 2008 by Universal Resources Limited (URL), based on a project execution proposal submitted in June to design and construct the Roseby Copper Project process plant and infrastructure. The appointment of GRES will be subject to URL raising the necessary finance to complete the mine development.

The project is located 76 km by road from Cloncurry and 194 km by road from Mt Isa in Northern Queensland.

Since GRES’ appointment, work has focused on the validation of the flowsheet and metallurgical performance of the proposed facility. A site visit was undertaken by key project personnel early in July and the location of major infrastructure, including the treatment plant, tailings storage facility and site access road confirmed.

GRES looks forward to working closely with URL to ensure a successful project.

Proposed Roseby Copper Project Site   Roseby Copper Project Location Map

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