Panorama Project - CBH Sulphur Springs Pty Ltd

Award Date

April 2007

Completion Date

October 2007

Project Type


Project Manager

Dave Sala Tenna

Process Manager

Peter Allen


CBH Sulphur Springs Pty Ltd


The Panorama project is located 162 km by road south-east of Port Hedland, in Western Australia’s Pilbara region.

Scope of Work

CBH Sulphur Springs Pty Ltd commissioned GR Engineering to complete an optimisation study for the Panorama project. The Panorama project consists of a 1.5 Mtpa copper zinc mine, concentrator and infrastructure. Ore will be mined by open-cut methods and processed to provide a copper and zinc concentrate for sale to smelters.

The detailed scope of work for the optimisation study focused on a review of the plant layout to facilitate minimised capital cost and optimised constructability along with value analysis of construction and procurement strategy to minimise capital and operating costs, whilst not compromising any operational functions.

The preliminary plant design flowsheet considered a blended sphalerite and chalcopyrite ore feed to the processing facility whilst making practical allowances for defined variations in both copper and zinc grades. Unit processes include single stage crushing, SAG mill and ball mill grinding circuit (SABC), differential flotation, filtration of the concentrates storage and out-loading facilities for road transport of concentrates to Port Hedland.

On completion of the optimisation study GR Engineering was engaged to complete the basic engineering phase, building on the optimisation study outcomes to prepare a platform on which to launch the detail phase and commence the implementation of critical project scope items.