Safety & Environment

GR Engineering is committed to the principles of occupational health and safety in relation to the welfare of its personnel.  We seek continuous performance improvement in these areas through innovation and education.

GR Engineering values the protection of the natural environment, the prevention of pollution and the optimisation of resource consumption. It meets its commitment to protection of the environment and sustainability by incorporating sound environmental protection principles into its designs and endeavours that its projects are executed in an environmentally responsible way. Environmental management plans are completed for all design and construction projects using methods that comply with high standards of environmental protection practice and all relevant legislation.

GR Engineering also plays a constructive role in the communities in which it operates. It respects community traditions and culture and endeavours to promote employment opportunities, training and social programs for local communities. The Company seeks indigenous participation in its Australian and offshore projects and, seeks to form constructive relationships with indigenous representatives in project areas.

Related Policies

Corporate and project safety management systems provide the framework for the identification management and mitigation of hazards. On each project, GR Engineering prepares and implements detailed health and safety management plans by working with all parties to ensure a safe working environment. These plans provide for continuous safety monitoring as well as reviews at key points in project execution.