Occupational Health and Safety Policy

GR Engineering Services Limited (GRES) is founded on a strong belief in our core values. These values drive us to constantly improve our working environment and our commitment to occupational health and safety of all our employees and subcontractors, to ensure a safe working environment where no-one is allowed to work in an unsafe manner.

GR Engineering is committed to the target of “zero” injuries.

The management of GRES is responsible for implementing this policy through the provision of resources, systems and training across our operational areas. Health and safety considerations will be given priority in planning, supervision and execution of work.

Any aspect of the occupational health and safety procedures which is not clearly understood must be brought to the attention of the appointed manager/supervisor.

The operation, implementation and review of this policy and identification of training requirements associated with safety objectives and targets for all employees/and or subcontractors of GRES will be monitored by the undersigned who is directly responsible for ensuring compliance in accordance with regulatory and legal requirements. This policy will be explained to each employee and subcontractor at induction training and displayed in all Company offices. 

Download a copy of our Occupational Health and Safety Policy below: Occupational Health and Safety Policy